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“The brightness of our country has been dimming for years as a divided culture has kept us apart. It is time for us to once again stand on our core values and remember who we are as a nation. When we return to God, return to trusting each other, and return to wisdom to govern, our nation will never be the same.”

Ryan Binkley/TWTF President

Every heartbeat counts. Every life is valued. In these borders, we are all neighbors.

Our liberties are under threat. Civil discourse is practically non-existent. Too many politicians ignore the truth, trade insults and point fingers, while our economy falters and our nation’s debt explodes. We have stopped trusting in God. We have stopped trusting in one another. We need unity. We need leaders that call us to care for one another. We are one people. We have to work together on that which divides us and unite on that which makes us all the same.

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Founded by entrepreneur and pastor Ryan Binkley, The Way to Freedom is a 501(c)(4) organization that seeks to rejoin conservative values with compassionate voices. When we support leaders with integrity, we’ll rediscover faith – in God, in one another, and in this great nation. That’s our way to freedom.

Solve Immigration

We need a plan that protects Americans while realistically dealing with immigrants that help our country and economy grow.
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Achieve World Class Education

A child’s education is critical to their success and parents have the right to participate in their learning future.
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Free the Economy

We have to get out of debt and get out of the way. Our country prospers when we unleash the power of small businesses.
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Trust In God Again

America was once the lamppost of freedom for the world. Sadly, we’ve lost our way. It’s time to turn back to our founding principles.
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Restore Unity

We can unite around a set of core values that are founded in love, respect and justice. We are more alike than some would have us believe.
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The Way to Freedom is about ideas that tackle some of our nation’s toughest challenges. We would love to hear what’s on your mind. So, what are the major issues you believe we are facing today? And, how can we fix them?

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