“It is time for us to once again stand on our core values and remember who we are as a nation.”

Ryan Binkley

Ryan Binkley

We have to work together on that which divides us and unite on that which makes us all the same.

Ryan Binkley is the President and CEO of Generational Group located in Richardson, Texas (Learn more: generational.com). With over 300 employees, Generational focuses on business consultancy, M&A, and wealth advisory for business owners throughout North America. 

Ryan and his wife, Ellie, are also founders of Create Church (Learn more: createchurch.com), a multiethnic, multigenerational church in Richardson, Texas. As lead pastor, his deep passion is to see church members of all walks of life discover and live out their purpose.

At Generational, Ryan views business as more than just a means to financial success. It’s a way to serve employees and the community. “We strive to create a culture that respects one another  and one that honors God in all that we do.” 

“We strive to create a culture that respects one another and one that honors God in all that we do.”

Generational gives back to the community through financial support that specifically benefits programs focused on education and multiple veteran charities. 

Before starting Generational, Ryan worked in various positions at Procter & Gamble and Boston Scientific Corporation. He holds a BBA from the University of Texas and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

Ryan and Ellie married in 1999. They have five children in various stages of school and college. They chose to adopt their youngest from South Korea, where Ellie was born before immigrating to the U.S. with her parents. It’s one more way their faith has led them to reach across boundaries, finding unity where others might see differences.

Today, Ryan is leading a new conversation. He is calling America’s leaders to return to the core values of trusting in God and each other again, caring for the hurting, leading with integrity, and bringing hope and healing to our nation.

Ryan, Ellie and their children

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